Thursday, September 30, 2010

Filimon's Math Profile

Hi my name is Filimon, I tell people that I don't really like math. The best part about math for me is turning decimal into percent. My best unit in math is fractions. I had lot of trouble in the tests because I would get lot of question I would forget to study for. This link was my best math blog. BLOG

I also liked when Mr. Isfelt made joke because it made math really fun. My goal for gr. 8 is to study my notes and ask for more help if I don't understand something. I was really fun when we made our blogs because we could use different types of colors, fonts, and sizes.

I think that Mr. Harbeck is a better math teacher for me because he always make joke about the math to make it simple to understand. I also like how he teaches because he is very interactive.

Jocelyn's math profile

I tell people that I like math. The best part of math that I did was learning about the french fries because it was funny and it makes me more interested in math. My best unit was integers because it was easy for me to understand. I struggled with my blog stuff. I could not struggle as much by keeping my brother off the computer. I will stay focused and keep up with all my work.