Thursday, June 16, 2011

2minutes2011, reflection

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2 Minutes to make diffrence blog

The first draft i made for this short flim about how to make a diffrence today in poeple lives was rough. I had a few spelling , grammar and capilization errors, and i did not add any music to my video at that time. My classmates helped me alot by telling me egsacaly what mistakes i had made and how much better my video would be if i had added music after reading these comments I did my finale draft and i feel all the feedback made it that much better.

My expert is acually my Mother she is a egsacutive assightant to Susan Wills the Top boss of united way of Winnipeg. So i got a lot of my information that i added in my video from her. She talked to me about the programs that really help all the less fortunate children in winnipeg and canada. For example boys and girls club, big brother and sisters along with koats for kids and there are many more. Something really important that i learned form my expert was that we really need to do something to help today and not wait for tomorrow because it's only going to get worse.

To me my greatest success was just going out there and knowing I made a small difference in a childs life. Also that my video will make poeple aware of this growing issue in Canada. In the future i see my self doing more to resolve this issue in canada like volentering and donating to many other organizations we have here that will help so many children like YOU and like ME.

The most difficult thing was trying to come up with great imfomative information that i hoped people would think about even though i got most of my infromation from my expert i tried to pick and choose the best. I also had i little trouble with music but i finally figured it out.

This project is important to grade 8 students because not only should we learn how to spell or to mutiply but.... we also need to learn to be good poeple with good hearts that care about making a diffrence.

The end i really enjoyed this project i would like to thank Mr. Harbeck, Mrs. Hay and Mrs. Willson.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nikki's 2 minutes reflection

Karen Estanislao Nikki Shannon

On me and my partner's first draft we were kind of in a rush because we put it off until later but we knew that this wasn't our final draft so we could do better in the final draft. The comments from my class mates were really helpful because they told us some spelling mistakes that we couldn't have found by our selves. They also gave us positive feedback like telling us how are music made them feel and what pieces of information that really jumped out and wanted them to make a difference.

We found our expert during the spring break by searching "Contacts for poverty in Israel" and contacted at least 7 people. Instead of calling them we e-mailed them asking if we could have their number so they can talk to us about real issues in Israel. We got a response around the end of the break and eventually contacted her about 2 weeks later.

I was really excited to get the video over with and the most exciting part of making the whole movie had to be choosing the music. For me it was really hard because I love all the music types and choosing it was just fun. I think that the music we choose wasn't very common and really fits into our topic.

I got really frustrated because Karen and I procrastinated until the last few days to be honest and it was hard to out days and days of work all into 2 days. Some skills we used was to be quick and still do a good job. We couldn't waste out time only looking at the music or one picture, we had to be quick because of the deadline. Luckily we took more time for the final draft.

In my opinion this project was very effective on each and every one of us. With 4 classes making a difference is huge. One person can make a large difference, but this project got almost 140 students making a difference.

I will make a difference in the future to keep sponsoring my sponsor child Monster Mohammad. One he is old enough to live without our help we will probably sponsor another child because if I was in any of those children's positions, I would want somebody to sponsor me. It just feels good to know your doing your part to make a difference all around the world.

Karen's 2 Minutes 2011 Reflection

Google Docs

First Draft

Final Draft

The biggest change we made about our video was the information, we added, removed, and changed some information about our topic. My group also added the phone call from the interview. We added some more pictures, changed font colours so they are seen better, changed spelling mistakes but also made other spelling mistakes. Our video project had many, changes, almost everything had small touch ups. The feedback given was very helpful because it helped us have an idea of what to change for our video. Feedbacks were very helpful and has helped us make a better video by doing some changes.

We found our expert from our research, we researched about poverty in Israel organizations and we found a few. My group sent them all emails asking to have a call with them to answer our questions. The best organization we found was Yad Eliezer because it really focused about Israel's poverty. No one else replied to our emails except for Yad Eliezer, so we were very thankful. We learned some things from the phone call we had made like:
  • Even wealthy societies also have people who don't have enough money.
  • Home issues affect the children's learning.
  • Families who can't afford the basics has always been around.
The greatest success of out group is our sponsor child, the fact that we took on a responsibility to change one's life with our money, also that we were committed to him. It was his birthday a month ago and we were very happy for him. To this day we will keep on sponsoring Montser. I think helping people out will be an on going skill for me in the future when I get a job. This project had made me want to keep helping people, another skill is presenting visually, I am for sure to use that in the future.

The frustrations in our project was the lack of information. We started with some false information, we did more research and ended up having too many correct information in the end. My group wanted to put everything in the video which was very hard due to the 2 minute time limit. We managed to add our interview, take out our false information, and add more information by editing over and over again.

This 2 Minutes to make a Difference project was important to grade eights because it has shown us how lucky our lives actually are. The comparison of our lives with others lives has changed the way we think, it made me feel selfish therefore I felt like giving back. Harbeck and Ms. Hay, and Ms. Wilson spread the word to us, and some of us did the same to give back. It was like the Pay it Forward movie, the growth of giving back. The project has changed the way we think and while we learned we also got to change some people's lives. Our teachers do their part while they make us aware and then we did our part, then people who we've involved in our projects like donators or the video viewers may have been aware now too so they might somehow help out.

For the future I plan on helping out organizations. I will donate to them so they can have enough money to make things like water pumps in villages. Those things are very helpful because some have to walk just to get water, and the water sometimes is not very clean, and the walks are far and dangerous. If I am successful enough I plan on travelling and going to the villages to help out, so I can experience people's lives. I want to physically compare my life to others and help them out.

2 Minutes Reflection

Here is My groups Google Doc.

Here is My groups First Draft for our 2 minutes to make a difference.

Here us MY groups Final Version for our 2 minutes to make a difference.

In our final draft we changes a lot of information and pictures. Some pictures we took out were the ones that we think that doesn't connect to our topic. Some information we added on our Final Version is by saying what children in child labor don't have for example like child labor don't get any NO freedom and NO fun.

My group did not find a expert, but we tried to find one by sending a message to Unicef and other societies. Mostly all the groups that we sent a message too, all they said was we are too busy.

One of our greatest moments of working on this project was raising money, my group and I raised up to one hundred dollars! By just selling cupcakes and asking people for some donations. Our goal was to get about two hundred dollars but we raised enough.

The most frustrating moment was trying to find out information and trying to get a expert. Finding the information was really hard because we had to go to so many websites and we would find wrong information. Some strategies we used to find the information was to ask the teacher how to be get good information.

Doing this project is important to Grade eight students because we can spread the word around and we can help the people who need help. People are out there struggling and we don't even do anything so we have to spread the word around. I will make a difference by giving away my clothes and toys that I don't need anymore and give it to organizations that need help.

Kristel's 2 Minutes 2011 Reflection

First Draft

Final Draft

The changes we've made to make our final draft is added more information about suggestions you could do to make a difference and we talked more about what we did. We also made our slides longer so people could read what we wrote on our slides without having to rush. More pictures were included and we made our fonts all the same on our slides so it wouldn't be distracting.

My group and I didn't find an expert although we tried several times. We phone World Vision and a lady answered and told to phone the next day in the afternoon. So, when that day came we phoned them but no one answered this time. We kept trying to phone the days after but we had no luck. Then, we tried phoning other organizations but no one seemed to be picking their phone up.

The greatest success of our project is raising the amount of money we did in little time. We raise $150.00 in about 45 minutes. We wanted to stay longer but we were no longer allowed to raise money so we had to leave. Skills that I will take away with me into the future is knowing how to raise money and giving it to organizations that will help people in need.

The things that frustrated me the most was not being able to find an expert, finding pictures that matched what we were talking about and editing our final product. To be successful, we all worked on our project together everyday making it the best it could be. The two people that knew how to edit our video, edited the video and the other two people looked for more pictures and tried phoning other organizations. It worked out well and we got through things easier without having to stress that much.

This Two Minutes project is important to us grade 8 students because we want to help those in need. We know that there are so many people out there that have it way worse than us. We want to show others that a difference can be made and we want to encourage other people to make a difference. Doing this project will also spread word around about the issues happening in our world and telling people how it should change.In the future, to make a difference I will donate clothes and money to organizations helping those in need. I will make people aware of certain things happening.

Nils' Two Minutes to Make a Difference Reflection


2. Some of the changes between our first draft and our final copy is that we corrected all the spelling mistakes in the first draft. We had quite a few (even in our title) and they were noticeable so that was a major fix. Another change we made was the decision to add more pictures to our movie. Giving the viewer a visual of the problem was a goal of our group and that is why we included more pictures.

3. We found our expert by phoning one of my dad's business friends who was a journalist and had many contacts in groups such as the Humane Society. he set us up to talk with the WHS and that is how we got to talk to the animal intake manager of the Humane Society.

4. Not Applicable

5.Our greatest success in our project was our ability to work together and plan out how we were going to get information and contacts so that we can complete our project on time.

6.One of the most frustrating parts of the process was actually making the movie. I am not very good with computers and Windows Movie Maker is a very confusing program for me. I solved this problem by using the all powerful Internet to assist me. I used a help site to help me with the problems and because of that help I could make my movie.

7. The 2 minutes project is important because it can inspire lazy teenagers (grade eights) to actually do some good in this world.

8. I will make a difference in the world by volunteering at a Humane Society when I'm 16 uears old.

2 Minutes 2011 Reflecion

Google Docs:

My group's first version of our Two Minutes Video:

My group's final draft:

My group and I improved our video by makng our slides stay on longer so that we could reach the time needed for the video. We also added some pictures and fixed our credits at the end and included all the websites that we used. We decided to talk more about ways that people can go out and make a difference. Another thing we did is add a thought provoking question to get the audience thinking. I think that the student comments were helpful because by seeing what my peers had to say, their thoughts, and opinions, it made us realize the different ways we could improve our video.

We did not include an expert in our video simply because we weren't able to contact anyone. We found some possible experts but when we tried to call them, they didn't answer. We actually talked to someone from World Vision and they told us to call them back in the evening, which we did. However, when we called them, no one answered.

My group's greatest success was the fact that we raised a total of $150 in donations. We were at Superstore for less than an hour, and I'm very surprised that we raised so much! We even got donations from former Sargent Park Students and we met many new people. The skills that I was able to take from this project was making sure I met a due date. There was so much to do with this project in so little time. With the help of my group, we were able to have a finished product that is better than we could ever imagine.

What frustrated me in the movie making process was finding pictures, the editing, finding an expert and the fact that my group didn't always cooperate. We had to try to make sure that all our pictures were from creative commons and were related to our topic. This was difficult because there weren't that many pictures that had to do with our topic. The editing was frustrating because iMovie was sometimes difficult to work with and hard to use. My group and I got together everyday to try to find an expert but sadly, we weren't able to contact any. My group and I didn't always cooperate because we all had our own strong opinions. However in the end, we learned to work together as a team. The main strategy my group and I used was not giving up. No matter how much work we had to do to complete the video, how long we had to stay up, how much research we had to do, we never gave up. We wanted to make the video the est we could and because of this, we were successful.

This project is important to Grade 8 students because by researching about our topic, we we able to learn about the different ways we can go out and make a difference in the world. We were also able to show our knowledge of our topic by putting a video together and sharing it with our fellow grade 8 students.

To make a difference in the future, I will volunteer at places such as Winnipeg Harvest who help the less fortunate. I will also donate money to organizations like Siloam Mission. Another thing I will like to do is try to make people more aware of the different issues around the world.

2 minutes 2011 Reflection

This is our outline before we created our video

This is our first draft of our 2 minutes video

This is the final version of our video. What we did to improve our video was we made the slides stay longer on the screen for people to read better and so that we could reach the given time since we were under 2 minutes. The comments really helped us with improving our final draft so we kew what we needed to do to make the video better. We contacted a couple people but none of them got back to us before we could start our video. I think my groups greatest success was raising money. We raised $150.00 in almost an hour. The skills that I would take and use in the future would be helping with issues in the world and to get other people involved. What was frustrating about making our movie was finding pictures about our topic because there wasn't many pictures that could help us. We also wanted to find pictures that would make the viewers stop and actually think about the cause in Africa. The strategies we used to become successful were that we never gave up. We wanted to make our video the best it can be, so we would always get together and tell each other what we liked and what should change. We also put ourselves in the audiences positions and say what THEY would think when watching. What's important is that it's a big part of our grade and it's also to show other people that we can help and make a difference. In the future I will make a difference by always remembering that some people have it way worse than we do. Some don't get to experience what other people do. And so, I will help by donating to people that are fundraising.