Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nils' Two Minutes to Make a Difference Reflection


2. Some of the changes between our first draft and our final copy is that we corrected all the spelling mistakes in the first draft. We had quite a few (even in our title) and they were noticeable so that was a major fix. Another change we made was the decision to add more pictures to our movie. Giving the viewer a visual of the problem was a goal of our group and that is why we included more pictures.

3. We found our expert by phoning one of my dad's business friends who was a journalist and had many contacts in groups such as the Humane Society. he set us up to talk with the WHS and that is how we got to talk to the animal intake manager of the Humane Society.

4. Not Applicable

5.Our greatest success in our project was our ability to work together and plan out how we were going to get information and contacts so that we can complete our project on time.

6.One of the most frustrating parts of the process was actually making the movie. I am not very good with computers and Windows Movie Maker is a very confusing program for me. I solved this problem by using the all powerful Internet to assist me. I used a help site to help me with the problems and because of that help I could make my movie.

7. The 2 minutes project is important because it can inspire lazy teenagers (grade eights) to actually do some good in this world.

8. I will make a difference in the world by volunteering at a Humane Society when I'm 16 uears old.

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