Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kristel's 2 Minutes 2011 Reflection

First Draft

Final Draft

The changes we've made to make our final draft is added more information about suggestions you could do to make a difference and we talked more about what we did. We also made our slides longer so people could read what we wrote on our slides without having to rush. More pictures were included and we made our fonts all the same on our slides so it wouldn't be distracting.

My group and I didn't find an expert although we tried several times. We phone World Vision and a lady answered and told to phone the next day in the afternoon. So, when that day came we phoned them but no one answered this time. We kept trying to phone the days after but we had no luck. Then, we tried phoning other organizations but no one seemed to be picking their phone up.

The greatest success of our project is raising the amount of money we did in little time. We raise $150.00 in about 45 minutes. We wanted to stay longer but we were no longer allowed to raise money so we had to leave. Skills that I will take away with me into the future is knowing how to raise money and giving it to organizations that will help people in need.

The things that frustrated me the most was not being able to find an expert, finding pictures that matched what we were talking about and editing our final product. To be successful, we all worked on our project together everyday making it the best it could be. The two people that knew how to edit our video, edited the video and the other two people looked for more pictures and tried phoning other organizations. It worked out well and we got through things easier without having to stress that much.

This Two Minutes project is important to us grade 8 students because we want to help those in need. We know that there are so many people out there that have it way worse than us. We want to show others that a difference can be made and we want to encourage other people to make a difference. Doing this project will also spread word around about the issues happening in our world and telling people how it should change.In the future, to make a difference I will donate clothes and money to organizations helping those in need. I will make people aware of certain things happening.

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