Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 Minutes 2011 Reflecion

Google Docs:

My group's first version of our Two Minutes Video:

My group's final draft:

My group and I improved our video by makng our slides stay on longer so that we could reach the time needed for the video. We also added some pictures and fixed our credits at the end and included all the websites that we used. We decided to talk more about ways that people can go out and make a difference. Another thing we did is add a thought provoking question to get the audience thinking. I think that the student comments were helpful because by seeing what my peers had to say, their thoughts, and opinions, it made us realize the different ways we could improve our video.

We did not include an expert in our video simply because we weren't able to contact anyone. We found some possible experts but when we tried to call them, they didn't answer. We actually talked to someone from World Vision and they told us to call them back in the evening, which we did. However, when we called them, no one answered.

My group's greatest success was the fact that we raised a total of $150 in donations. We were at Superstore for less than an hour, and I'm very surprised that we raised so much! We even got donations from former Sargent Park Students and we met many new people. The skills that I was able to take from this project was making sure I met a due date. There was so much to do with this project in so little time. With the help of my group, we were able to have a finished product that is better than we could ever imagine.

What frustrated me in the movie making process was finding pictures, the editing, finding an expert and the fact that my group didn't always cooperate. We had to try to make sure that all our pictures were from creative commons and were related to our topic. This was difficult because there weren't that many pictures that had to do with our topic. The editing was frustrating because iMovie was sometimes difficult to work with and hard to use. My group and I got together everyday to try to find an expert but sadly, we weren't able to contact any. My group and I didn't always cooperate because we all had our own strong opinions. However in the end, we learned to work together as a team. The main strategy my group and I used was not giving up. No matter how much work we had to do to complete the video, how long we had to stay up, how much research we had to do, we never gave up. We wanted to make the video the est we could and because of this, we were successful.

This project is important to Grade 8 students because by researching about our topic, we we able to learn about the different ways we can go out and make a difference in the world. We were also able to show our knowledge of our topic by putting a video together and sharing it with our fellow grade 8 students.

To make a difference in the future, I will volunteer at places such as Winnipeg Harvest who help the less fortunate. I will also donate money to organizations like Siloam Mission. Another thing I will like to do is try to make people more aware of the different issues around the world.

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