Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 minutes 2011 Reflection

This is our outline before we created our video

This is our first draft of our 2 minutes video

This is the final version of our video. What we did to improve our video was we made the slides stay longer on the screen for people to read better and so that we could reach the given time since we were under 2 minutes. The comments really helped us with improving our final draft so we kew what we needed to do to make the video better. We contacted a couple people but none of them got back to us before we could start our video. I think my groups greatest success was raising money. We raised $150.00 in almost an hour. The skills that I would take and use in the future would be helping with issues in the world and to get other people involved. What was frustrating about making our movie was finding pictures about our topic because there wasn't many pictures that could help us. We also wanted to find pictures that would make the viewers stop and actually think about the cause in Africa. The strategies we used to become successful were that we never gave up. We wanted to make our video the best it can be, so we would always get together and tell each other what we liked and what should change. We also put ourselves in the audiences positions and say what THEY would think when watching. What's important is that it's a big part of our grade and it's also to show other people that we can help and make a difference. In the future I will make a difference by always remembering that some people have it way worse than we do. Some don't get to experience what other people do. And so, I will help by donating to people that are fundraising.

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