Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nikki's 2 minutes reflection

Karen Estanislao Nikki Shannon

On me and my partner's first draft we were kind of in a rush because we put it off until later but we knew that this wasn't our final draft so we could do better in the final draft. The comments from my class mates were really helpful because they told us some spelling mistakes that we couldn't have found by our selves. They also gave us positive feedback like telling us how are music made them feel and what pieces of information that really jumped out and wanted them to make a difference.

We found our expert during the spring break by searching "Contacts for poverty in Israel" and contacted at least 7 people. Instead of calling them we e-mailed them asking if we could have their number so they can talk to us about real issues in Israel. We got a response around the end of the break and eventually contacted her about 2 weeks later.

I was really excited to get the video over with and the most exciting part of making the whole movie had to be choosing the music. For me it was really hard because I love all the music types and choosing it was just fun. I think that the music we choose wasn't very common and really fits into our topic.

I got really frustrated because Karen and I procrastinated until the last few days to be honest and it was hard to out days and days of work all into 2 days. Some skills we used was to be quick and still do a good job. We couldn't waste out time only looking at the music or one picture, we had to be quick because of the deadline. Luckily we took more time for the final draft.

In my opinion this project was very effective on each and every one of us. With 4 classes making a difference is huge. One person can make a large difference, but this project got almost 140 students making a difference.

I will make a difference in the future to keep sponsoring my sponsor child Monster Mohammad. One he is old enough to live without our help we will probably sponsor another child because if I was in any of those children's positions, I would want somebody to sponsor me. It just feels good to know your doing your part to make a difference all around the world.

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