Thursday, June 16, 2011

2minutes2011, reflection

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2 Minutes to make diffrence blog

The first draft i made for this short flim about how to make a diffrence today in poeple lives was rough. I had a few spelling , grammar and capilization errors, and i did not add any music to my video at that time. My classmates helped me alot by telling me egsacaly what mistakes i had made and how much better my video would be if i had added music after reading these comments I did my finale draft and i feel all the feedback made it that much better.

My expert is acually my Mother she is a egsacutive assightant to Susan Wills the Top boss of united way of Winnipeg. So i got a lot of my information that i added in my video from her. She talked to me about the programs that really help all the less fortunate children in winnipeg and canada. For example boys and girls club, big brother and sisters along with koats for kids and there are many more. Something really important that i learned form my expert was that we really need to do something to help today and not wait for tomorrow because it's only going to get worse.

To me my greatest success was just going out there and knowing I made a small difference in a childs life. Also that my video will make poeple aware of this growing issue in Canada. In the future i see my self doing more to resolve this issue in canada like volentering and donating to many other organizations we have here that will help so many children like YOU and like ME.

The most difficult thing was trying to come up with great imfomative information that i hoped people would think about even though i got most of my infromation from my expert i tried to pick and choose the best. I also had i little trouble with music but i finally figured it out.

This project is important to grade 8 students because not only should we learn how to spell or to mutiply but.... we also need to learn to be good poeple with good hearts that care about making a diffrence.

The end i really enjoyed this project i would like to thank Mr. Harbeck, Mrs. Hay and Mrs. Willson.

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