Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Karen's 2 Minutes 2011 Reflection

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First Draft

Final Draft

The biggest change we made about our video was the information, we added, removed, and changed some information about our topic. My group also added the phone call from the interview. We added some more pictures, changed font colours so they are seen better, changed spelling mistakes but also made other spelling mistakes. Our video project had many, changes, almost everything had small touch ups. The feedback given was very helpful because it helped us have an idea of what to change for our video. Feedbacks were very helpful and has helped us make a better video by doing some changes.

We found our expert from our research, we researched about poverty in Israel organizations and we found a few. My group sent them all emails asking to have a call with them to answer our questions. The best organization we found was Yad Eliezer because it really focused about Israel's poverty. No one else replied to our emails except for Yad Eliezer, so we were very thankful. We learned some things from the phone call we had made like:
  • Even wealthy societies also have people who don't have enough money.
  • Home issues affect the children's learning.
  • Families who can't afford the basics has always been around.
The greatest success of out group is our sponsor child, the fact that we took on a responsibility to change one's life with our money, also that we were committed to him. It was his birthday a month ago and we were very happy for him. To this day we will keep on sponsoring Montser. I think helping people out will be an on going skill for me in the future when I get a job. This project had made me want to keep helping people, another skill is presenting visually, I am for sure to use that in the future.

The frustrations in our project was the lack of information. We started with some false information, we did more research and ended up having too many correct information in the end. My group wanted to put everything in the video which was very hard due to the 2 minute time limit. We managed to add our interview, take out our false information, and add more information by editing over and over again.

This 2 Minutes to make a Difference project was important to grade eights because it has shown us how lucky our lives actually are. The comparison of our lives with others lives has changed the way we think, it made me feel selfish therefore I felt like giving back. Harbeck and Ms. Hay, and Ms. Wilson spread the word to us, and some of us did the same to give back. It was like the Pay it Forward movie, the growth of giving back. The project has changed the way we think and while we learned we also got to change some people's lives. Our teachers do their part while they make us aware and then we did our part, then people who we've involved in our projects like donators or the video viewers may have been aware now too so they might somehow help out.

For the future I plan on helping out organizations. I will donate to them so they can have enough money to make things like water pumps in villages. Those things are very helpful because some have to walk just to get water, and the water sometimes is not very clean, and the walks are far and dangerous. If I am successful enough I plan on travelling and going to the villages to help out, so I can experience people's lives. I want to physically compare my life to others and help them out.

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