Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winnipeg Harvest 2011

When all 6 of us kids went with Ms, Hay I was not expecting to do the rice by hand. Because when I went to Winnipeg Harvest in grade 5 we just put the food into boxes while it was moving. This experience was a good thing to do, I understood what Leslie was trying to get out. That not everyone has enough money to provide food and nutrition for their family. One of the fact I learned was that they could only give milk to children under 13 or 12, because they never had enough to provide for other children. Older sibling and parents would have to get powdered milk. When I was packing that rice into a small plastic baggy I was thinking about how this rice can and will make a difference on a child's life. Us 6 kids and Ms, Hay packed enough rice all by hand to be able to feed 360 families. This expiernce had a effect on me. And how I think about people in poverty, and not having the food, clothes and accesories provide for us. But thankfully we have it, and were extremely lucky.

Here is a photo of us at Winnipeg Harvest :


  1. Good Job Victoria. I like how you made it very detailed, one of the things that I can help you with is for not to use a period when you are ending a thought and you don't start a sentence with 'Because' Other than that, great job! (:

  2. Nice post Victoria! I like how you talked about what you did in Winnipeg Harvest and you also talked about your experience in grade 5 when you went and how it was different. The other thing you did well was colouring the important words a different colour. While I was reading i spotted some grammar and spelling mistakes. Next time, proof read your paragraph before you post it. Also try to make an opening sentence so we know what your whole paragraph will be about. Other than that good job!

  3. Great job Victoria!! I liked how you compared how your trip to Winnipeg Harvest was different from in grade 5. I also like how you explained what you learned about during this experience. Something you should improve on is grammar, spelling and punctuation but other then that Good Job.