Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tyler's Percent Scribe Post

4.Use mental math to do the following.

a)20% of 60= 12

b)250% of 400= 1000

c)10 1/2 % of 100=10.5

8.The original price of a jacket was $84.00. A store manager marked the price down by 25 1/2 %. By how much was it reduced?

84 x 0.255 = $21.42

11. Josephine haad an average of 40% after her first game, the second game she had ten shots and finished with an average of 50%. How many baskes did she make out of ten.
She made 8 shots out of ten.

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  1. Great Job for following the instructions Tyler. I like how you used very easy to read colours, you should add some bolded or italicized text to make it easier and to make things stand out more.