Friday, January 14, 2011

Final Percent Post

a percent means out of 100
a percent can be represented as a fraction, decimal and in a hundred grid

Key Points of Chapter 4

When representing a percent greater than 100%, use more than 1 grid.
When representing a percent less than 1%, but more than zero, shade a part of one square.
Percents can be represented as a fraction, and a decimal.
1/2 = 50% = 0.50
To calculate a percent of a number, write the percent as a decimal then multiply the number
12 1/2% of 50= 0.125x50
= 6.25
To combine a percent, add them together.
To found out the increase in a number, add the combined percent to the original number.
5% + 7%(taxes) 12%

My percent video:

My Percent Scribe

This youtube channel can help you with percents and other math topics.

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  1. Good Job Errol! Great choice of bolding the important texts. You should add some colour to make some of the texts stick out some more.