Monday, January 31, 2011

Final Percent Post Jocelyn Leclaire

In the chapter of Percents, Mr.Harbeck has taught me many things. He taught me that Percents are basically needed in the society of ours. He taught me about taxes, he taught me math and even some things about the real world! We learned about adding percents, estimate percents and like I said finding the tax on items and many other things in this unit.

Definition : A percent is a way to express a number into a fraction of a hundred.

My scribe post

Tutorial of Percents

A thread about percents on Yahoo Answers

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  1. Good post Jocelyn. I like how you used colour, and hwo you gave two links instead of one. If I would have advice to give you, I would try to get my assignments done faster and on time but other than that, great job!