Monday, January 31, 2011

Jocelyn Leclaire Percent Video Post

A percent can be very useful in our life today. If we didn't have a percents in our life, our lives and business would be just horrible! It would be confusing, and well just plain out dufficult. One of the ways and the most easiest way to figure out a percent is to figure out the "silver bullet" as Mr.Harbeck calls it of a number.

Cylinder & Volume Post.

Height = 10cm
Diameter = 20.3cm

r= d/2
r = 20.3 / 2
r = 10.5cm

v = π x r x r x h

v = 3.14 x 10.15 x 10.15

v = 323.49cm2
v = 323.49 x 10

v = 3234.9cm3

Height = 10m
Diameter = 0.8 (inside) and 1 (outside)

Inside -
R = d/2
R = 0.8/2
R = 0.4

V = π x r x r x h
V = 3.14 x 0.4 x 0.4 x h
V = 0.5 x 10
V = 5m

Outside -
R = d/2
R = 1/2
R = 0.5

V = π x r x r x h
V = 3.14 x 0.5 x 0.5 x h
V = 0.78 x 10
V = 7.8m


  1. Great Job, even though it was pretty late. I liked the way how you gave your own opinion about if we didn't have percents, next time you should add more color and more datail.

  2. Good job, you explained your opinion on how the world would be like without percents. Although, it was a bit too short and you could of put reasons why the world would be "confusing and plain out difficult" Your paragraph ended out of no where talking about the "silver bullet" it made me wonder if this post was complete or if you are still working on it. Next time try to add more detail and think about the things I said so they dont confuse other people.