Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jocelyn's scribe post

Jocelyn's scribe post

This is questions #4 use mental math to solve problems
a) 20% of 60 - answer) 12 is 20% of 60
b) 250% of 400- answer)1000 is 250% of 400
c) 10.5% of 100- Answer)10.5 is 10.5% of a hundred

This is question #7 200 tickets were sold
a) what is the percent of winning with one ticket- answer) 1% of 200
b)how many tickets would you have to buy to get a 2.5% chance of winning- answer) 2.5 tickets to get a 2.5% chance out of 200

This is question #16
Josephine haad an average of 40% after her first game, the second game she had ten shots and finished with an average of 50%. How many baskes did she make out of ten- Answer) 8 baskets went in out of the ten

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