Monday, December 20, 2010

Alec's Pay It Forward Post


Pay it Forward is when you help someone or something but you don't expect nothing in return. In the movie Pay It Forward Trevor has an assignment of what can you do to change the world. What Trevor planed is that he will help 3 people and those 3 people will help another 3 and on and on and on.


My Pay It Forward Act of Kindness is giving out clothes and merry Christmas cards.
I chose this activity because I figure it out that I have a lot of small clothes that I need to throw away and I think to myself that why not just donate this clothes for the children who doesn't have one. I also chose this activity because I think that we're the only group that give out Merry Christmas cards. We did this act of kindness last Friday December 17, 2010.


Our project went out well because we hand every single one of our cards and we also have collected many clothes to donate for children and adults who don't have one. It felt good when we hand out the cards because people from the Polo Park say Merry Christmas back and even greet us happy holidays too. Our group asked the people who we give cards from to pay it forward by giving it to someone that did something good to them or to a complete stranger.


I think the idea of paying it forward is important because it help's us to change other people's live and it make's us more nice. I think my act made a difference because it helps other people's live by having clothes to wear in a cold or hot day.

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