Monday, December 20, 2010

Ryan's "Pay It Forward"

Part 1

What is "Pay It Forward"?
"Paying It Forward" is an act of kindness to someone without yourself benefiting from it. In more simple terms, it is when you do something good to another person, and get nothing in return. Paying It Forward also means doing something postive and starting a chain affect. For example, in the movie Pay It Forward, Trevor's school assignment gave him the idea of doing something good to another, so they can do something good to another person, and so on.
Part 2

What was your "Pay It Forward" act of kindness?
My group Glenn, Alec, Jayvee, and I, first stopped at Salvation Army place near Polo Park. We entered the store and were told to drop our donations inside a cart. I donated my old clothes, and some of the clothes I don't wear. We also went to Polo Park to handed out the cards that we made wishing them happy holidays. In the process, we also explained the idea of "paying it forward".

Why did you choose this activity?
My group and I, chose these activities because they were the easiest thing to do, and the locations we decided to do them, were near our community.

Who did you help?
We helped the people who don't have enough clothes they should have, by donating some of our clothes. My group did this on Friday, December the 17th.

Part 3
How did your act of kindness go? What happened? How did the people/person react?
Our act of kindness was pretty successful, because the employees at the Salvation Army store, smiled at us and said "thank you" to show their appreciation for what we did. Also, what we did at Polo Park was also successful, because nobody gave us a negative response to when we were giving them the cards. Everyone we gave cards to, smiled at us, said "thank you", and even greeted us happy holidays also.

How did you feel?
Glenn, Alec, Jayvee and I, felt really proud of ourselves for donating our items to a good cause. Also because we enjoyed seeing everyone's positive responses to our acts of kindness, including their smiles.

Did you ask the people/person to "pay it forward"?
Yes, we did ask the people we handed cards to, to pay it forward. They had some questions afterwards, such as "So I can give this card to someone else?" which were answered. In the end, they were thankful for what we were doing and smiled.

Part 4
Why is the idea of "pay it forward" important?
The idea of "pay it forward" is important because it gives off a positive ifluence on how people think of the world. It also brings everyone together as a family, to realize that we need eachother to make a change in society.
Has your act of kindness made a difference?
I believe our acts of kindess has made a difference even though it was just a little thing we did. It might've opened peoples' eyes, to show them that something little can result in something big. Also, that we should think about all the positive things in our life, and consider the negative and do what we can to help.

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