Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kevin's Pay It Forward

Pay it forward is a concept where one person ( I'll call him person A) helps another person (person B). In return for helping person B has to help others. Another way of "Paying it forward" is a group of people help other handful of people. An example of paying it forward would be when a person helps another person carry there groceries.

My pay it forward act of kindness was that me and a group of friends (Nils, Kyle Cass, Tyler, and I) were writing letters to Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. We chose this activity because we thought it would be nice to send letters to soldiers. Al
so soldiers get to see people really do care about them. We did our act of kindness on the 18th of December.

Here is proof of the act of kindness,

I think our act of kindness went well, I think they got the letters already. I felt really good about sending letters, it was also really fun talking about what the soldiers would think. I did not as the person to pay it forward because soldiers pay it forward with there own lives!

The idea of paying it forward is really important because if you thought about it, "Who would help the poor?" if none of us didn't want to give some of them money most of the would die. I do think our act of kindness had made of difference for the soldiers. I think it helped them think that this country is worth protecting.

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