Monday, December 20, 2010

Pay It Forward

Part 1

Pay it forward is doing a random act of kindness for someone, without expecting anything else in return. The idea comes from a movie called "Pay it Forward" about a boy whose teacher assigns the class to do a good deed to change the world. This boy does a good deed for his teacher and asks him to pay it forward and do something nice for someone else. This sets off a chain reaction of kindness.

Part 2

For Pay it Forward I volunteered at our church's food bank on Gertrude St., on Monday, Dec. 20. I wanted to do this as my project because my dad is involved and I like to meet new people. This food bank is held every other Monday and there are 27 people that attend. The same people attend every time and they line up at the door and at 6:00pm we let everybody in to get their number. Whoever is there first gets number one and goes to get their food first.
Pierre and Simone are the Food Bank Coordinators

This time I helped in the bread and dessert station where people take one loaf of bread and choose one dessert item. While I was working, my mouth was just watering over some yummy glazed cinnamon rolls. Mmmm, my favorite! At this station, my job was to tell people what they could and could not take. This was also the last station, so I got to wish them a Merry Christmas and say good-bye.

Part 3

While people were waiting for their food they could sit around tables and eat goodies and drink coffee. They have become friends with one another. I thought it was neat how all of us were like a community in that we all care for each other and we return dignity and respect to the people who are sometimes forgotten by society. I was surprised how friendly and grateful everyone was.
I think if I couldn't provide for my family and had to use a food bank I would feel guilt and shame. I hope that volunteering at this food bank and encouraging these people can strengthen their dignity and bring them joy and peace.

Part 4

I think paying it forward is important because it encourages people to live for more than just themselves. I think this project helped me realize that it's not all about me, but that there are others that really need love and support.

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