Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nicholas Inot 816 Pay It Forward

Part 1
-Pay it forward is when you help friends,strangers without expecting them to help you
back.The people that you help can possibly do the same thing to others and maybe like a chain
reaction and it can cause the world to be better.Like in the movie
Pay It Forward
a boy name Trevor who has been given a project to change the world.What Trevor did was help these three people.The three people he helped can help other people and it can go on and on.

Part 2-
My act of kindness was to write a letter to a Canadian Soldier in Kabul Afghanistan
I did this activity because i wanted to say thanks to the soldier for protecting our country
and were we live I want to do this to appreciation for what the soldiers have done for our country and other.I feel sad for the sold
iers because they are from away from there family
and home for a very long time.The letter i wrote can tell a soldier how much I care and other people in Canada care.

-Sorry about the picture its because i couldn't scroll it down
-The top picture is my writing my letter
-The bottom picture is my giving the letter to my
mom because she was gonna send it for me

-Part 3- I felt really good when my mom sent the letter for me
because it can encourage a soldier to serve our country proudly.
The other thing is i didn't tell them to pay it forward because they already
did keeping us our country safe.A soldier helps more people then i could.

Part 4-The idea to Pay It Forward" is very important because it can change people
lives of many people and can make the place a better place to live for everyone.
Hopefully I wish the soldier see it because i want him to know that i care and encourage them to do what they do is keep us safe. I did this Dec 21/ 2010.

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