Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tyler's Pay It Forward

Part 1
Pay it forward is when you help people without expecting them to help you back. If the people you helped help more people it is like a chain reaction that can get really big. In the movie "Pay It Forward" a young boy named Trevor has a project where you have to change the world in a way . He decides to help three people. Then those three can help three more each and the number of people help can increase by a lot really fast.

Part 2
My act of kindness was to write a letter to a Canadian soldier in Kabul, Afghanistan. I chose this activity because the Canadian armed forces are protecting our nation on foreign ground and I want to show appreciation for what our soldiers have done, not only for our country, but other countries too . It must be very hard to be in a country far from home and away from your family for a long period time. The letter I wrote can tell a soldier that people all over Canada care.

This is me writing the letter.

This is me delivering the letter.

Part 3
I felt great when I put that letter in the mailbox because I know that it can encourage a soldier to continue to serve our country proudly. The reason why I didn't tell the soldier to pay it forward because he or she has already done it to the whole nation. The Canadian soldier is helping a lot more people than I ever could.

Part 4
The idea of Pay It Forward is very important to humanity because it can change the lives of many people and make the world a better place to live in for everyone. Hopefully the letter I wrote can tell a soldier that Canadian citizens care about them and encourage them to continue to serve their country proudly.I did this on Dec.18/10

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