Sunday, December 19, 2010

Roemer's Pay It Forward.

Pay it forward is when helping other strangers/friends without wanting anything back. The people you help,may possibly do the same to other people,and maybe like a chain reaction,and will cause this world to be better. In the movie "Pay It Forward",there was a small boy named Trevor who was given a project to try to change the world . He chose to help three people. The same three who were helped can help three more people, and on, and on.

Part 2:
My act of kindness was to donate $5.00 to the Siloam Mission. I chose this activity because I heard about the homeless people, and I wanted to help by donating money. I hopefully helped the homeless by donating, and we participated in activities there. Me and my partner (Justin) did this on December 19 2010.

(Met up with friend Nicholas who also donated.)

(Siloam Mission papers.)

When we donated our money, they thanked us and gave us treats such as a Gingerbread house,and candy. I felt good donating money for the homeless, I was proud of myself for that. I asked them pay forward so they can learn about how to make kindly acts,without expecting anything in return.

This "Pay It Forward" idea is important because the world can be less corrupt this way, and it will help our citizens. My act of kindness may possibly help someone.
ex.more food,clothes, etc.


  1. Sorry guys.I tried getting a picture of me donating but,the camera was broken and it faded all the pictures )':

  2. Great Job Roemer. You did a good thing, and I liked how you brought other people from another school into this good thing. You truly got the message of 'Pay it Forward' You should try making all the font the same size so it doesn't look confusing, other than that great job Roemer.