Monday, December 20, 2010

Karen's Pay it Forward

Part one
"Pay it Forward" is an act of any kindness. Making a person or a group of people happy without anything in return just because. "Pay it Forward" is also a movie when a boy named Trevor was assigned a social studies project and helped out three people and each of the three have to help out three more, it grows really fast.
Part two
For this project I worked with Nikki, we decided to help out the homeless people because we feel really sorry about they're daily lives compared to ours. We donated money to the workers for Salvation Army at Polo Park. On the next day, we made cards there and tags for the candy canes. The envelope said, "Will you Pay it Forward?" then blessings inside the cards and for the candy canes too.
It was already too dark out to hand them out, so Nikki and I just walked to my house for a sleepover and on the way there, we decided to pick up garbage. We got about 2 bags of garbage that were average sizes.When we woke up, we went to Ashcroft and bought loaves of bread and gave the owner a Christmas card. Then we went to Lucky Supermarket for ham, and also gave away the Christmas cards and candy canes on the way.
We made about 30 sandwiches, Nikki's dad drove us to Main street, where the Salvation Army with rooms for homeless to sleep in. We saw a lot of homeless people around the building waiting and shivering, we felt really bad and lucky. We gave them the sandwiches and deer jerkeys, we saw them smile. Nikki's dad barely got pictures because he doesn't really know how to use the camera.We went to Nikki's after and I slept over there, her sister visited so they can see the new baby. Her and her friend were talking about wanting to go Christmas shopping so me and Nikki volunteered to baby sit so they have more freedom to get shopping done.We had fun doing those between December 16 and 18.
Part three

I think our act of kindness went amazing. We put smiles on the homeless people's faces, and somewhat gave them a little Christmas spirit. I felt really happy because when I saw them eating it made me realize how selfish I am when that's all they get. When the homeless people got their food, they were happy and said merry christmas and thank you. With the cards we gave out to random people, we saw them smile and they thanked us. We told them that it would be nice if they Pay it Forward too.
Part four
The idea of Pay it Forward is important because it's the first step of making our world better. It makes people happy, makes their day and they possibly could think twice about how lucky many are compared to the others who have nothing at all.
My actions with Nikki possibly made someones day and got them happy. It somewhat made a small difference in the people's day, and it reminds them that some people still care.

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