Monday, December 20, 2010

Jayvee's Pay It Forward

Part 1:

Pay It Forward is when you help someone and you don't expect anything in return. In the movie Pay It Forward a student named Trevor had a project on doing something to change the world. He chose to help people that is homeless, his teacher and some of his friends. Now the three of them can help three more other people.

Part 2:

I were giving away cards to people in Polo Park saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and tell them that they can pay it forward to other people and then do the same thing. I also donated some clothes at the salvation Army. I chose this activity because this is the easiest way I can help people in my own work. I helped the people that doesn't have some clothes that is a little bit smaller than me. I did my act of kindness last Friday the 17th.

Part 3:

My act of kindness went out really well because we successfully handed the cards that we made and donated clothes to the Salvation Army. I felt happy because when we (Me, Alec, Glenn and Ryan) were giving out the cards, people were happy and saying thank you and also wishes us to have a happy holidays. We did ask the people to pay it forward and they said that they will try to ask other people to do the same thing.

Part 4:

The idea of Pay It Forward is important because in can change peoples lives in just one act of kindness and then the people you helped may do the same thing to other people and change their lives. I think my act of kindness made a difference after donating clothes, we changed other peoples lives because people same as our sizes can wear the things that we donated. Giving away cards also helped people because they can pass the cards that we gave them to the people that helped them in any way.

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