Monday, December 20, 2010

Jocelyn leclaire's pay it forward

Jocelyn Leclaire's Pay it Forward!!

Part 1:What is pay it forward?

Pay it forward is doing a good deed for someone and expecting nothing in return. All the grade 8's watched a movie called "Pay It Forward". It was about a little boy named Trevor that gets assigned an assignment to try and change the world. Trevor helps the homeless, his teacher and one of his classmates.

Part 2: What I Did to pay it forward

I gave hampers to families that aren't able to have a christmas dinner or don't have presents for their children. The families that I helped have kids that go to Tec Voc and Know my auntie,which helped with this project by finding kids at her school, that aren't able to have a good christmas. I chose this project because I know that their are alot of kids at schools that have families that aren't able to afford food or presents and because my auntie works at Tec Voc, I thought that it would be better knowing that she could ask kids that she knows are going through tough times.We both donated together, which means that I got someone to pay it forward.

Part:3 What happened when I payed it forward

I know that I did a good deed because of the reactions that I got when I gave the families the hampers. The first family wasn't caught up on paying bills and couldn't afford food, so my aunt and I gave them a hamper and they started to cry in joy. The second family is dealing with the fact the father had just past away and when they recieved the hamper from us they were very appreciative by saying thank you and smiling. The third family had four children, no money, food , or clothes so my Family gave clothes that don't fit us anymore and we also gave them a food hamper with a $50 gift certificate for the Bay.

Part 4: Why is paying it forward important?

Paying it forward is important because the little things we do can change a persons life. I believe that what I did for pay it forward will have an impact on these families I helped because I payed it forward to them, they might do the same for others. Pay it forward could help the world change, if everyone did a little deed for someone else, creating a chain reaction that will spread, making many peoples lives easier.

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