Monday, December 20, 2010

Carl Jamora's Pay it Forward

Part 1

What is "Pay it Forward"?
Pay it Forward is an idea where you volunteer to help someone while expecting nothing but for that person to help another person in return. This brilliant thought came by 11 year old Trevor in the movie 'Pay it Forward'. In this movie, Trevor's social studies teacher, Mr. Simonet, gives his whole class an assignment to come up with a way that will somehow change the world. Trevor's way of paying it forward was to help 3 people and ask them to "pay it forward" to 3 other people, and at the end they would ask nothing but to just pay it forward.

Part 2

What was your "Pay It Forward" act of kindness?
My act of kindness for "Pay it Forward" was helping the custodians clean the school of Sargent Park.

Why did you choose this activity?
I chose to do this activity because I wanted to do an activity with my friends, and being a janitor is hard because you have to keep cleaning up on a daily basis, so I decided to help out.

Who did you help?
I helped the janitors of Sargent Park School.

What did you do?
Me & my friends were cleaning the whole school, we all split up and had our own duties. I had the washroom and I had to clean the sinks and toilets and did a little clean up on the hallways too.

When did you do your act of kindness?
I did my act of kindness on December 18, 2010.

Part 3

How did your act of kindness go?
I think that my act of kindness went along smoothly. It wasn't what I planned would've happened, everything was fine. I really thought that we were going to have a problem but at the end it was okay. It was exhausting, but we all had fun cleaning up the school.

What happened?
Not that much, my friends and I just did a lot of cleaning to help out the custodians.. it was worth it.

How did you feel?
I felt happy knowing that I have helped someone and made their lives a bit easier then it would be.

How did the person or people react?
The person I brought the food to was glad but she didn't say much other than "Thank you" and "Just put it over there".

Did you ask the person or people to "Pay it Forward"?
After we finished, my friends and I asked nothing but to "Pay it Forward". So yes, I did ask.

Part 4

Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important?
I think that "Pay it Forward" is important because people may start helping or get helped more often and people might start thinking of other before themselves more then we can all help.

Has your act of kindness made a difference?
I think my own act of kindness made a difference to the janitors, because I would be a bit pissed if I had to clean messes again and again.

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