Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Olivia's Percent Scribe Post

Page 142-143

4. a) 20% of 60 is 12.

b) 250% of 400 is 1000.

c) 10 1/2 % of 100 is 10.5.

The price was reduced by $21.42.

^ I was going to do that one but I got confused and gave up. If anyone can help me with that question I would appreciate it. :)

So instead I did this one:

The area of Manitoba to the nearest square kilometre is 649 004 square km.

That's the end of my post. :) Leave comments please, to tell me what I did well and what I could improve on. :)


  1. Good job, Olivia !
    I really liked how your pictures were big and easy to read. I think that next time you should make your font a bit bigger or colourful so that it'll catch the readers attention . I got the same answers as you did, and they were right as well ! Keep it up .

  2. Great Job olivia!
    I agree with what Allison said. Your pictures were nice and colourful and was very easy to read. I would add some colour to the text so it balances out, other than that great job!