Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lara's Pay it Forward

Part 1 :

Pay it forward is a Movie based on a story . The story is about doing a act of kindness without getting anything in return . In the movie , It all started with a boy named Trevor , who was given a school assignment to try and make a difference . Trevor choose to try and make a difference in the people near him , Causing him to effect those people , to effect more people and more people making the act of kindness go through everyone . Now showing that everyone can effect anyone else if they just made a difference .

Part 2: After watching this movie I thought to myself , What could I do to make a difference ? , Could I do anything to pay it forward ? . So then I got an idea of giving out candy canes to people to in lighten their Christmas Spirit by giving out candy canes with a little card telling what Pay it Forward is . My partner & I , Kim C from 8-14, Decided we would do our act of kindness at Cindy Klassen recreation center on Monday December 20th after school .

Part 3 . After completing our act of kindness , I felt proud of myself for getting smiles on some people's faces when they got their candy canes & card . I actually didn't expect some people asking what our project was also some of the expressions people gave when we told them they were free . Also , at the end of giving our little "gift " to those who were near the area , I made sure that people read what the card say ,which included what pay it forward really was .

Part 4 . After thinking about why is paying it forward important , The thoughts of What we do can effect many people around us .How mostly everyone around us is effected by people's actions around us . So if someone does a good deed and tells another person to pay it forward , it would continue with that chain , helping everyone around them .

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  1. Great Job lara, I would add some colour and some bolding words so it doesn't look too plain and boring. Also you should have some correct punctuation, such as ', ' not ' . ' with a space. Other than that, great job!