Sunday, December 19, 2010

Justin's Pay It Forward

Part 1:
To me, paying it forward means helping someone without wanting anything in return. In the movie
" Pay It Forward " a student named Trevor had a project to change the world. Trevor decided to help some homeless person, his teacher, and his friend. Then the three of them can help other people and then the number keeps increasing and increasing helping other people out.

Part 2:
My act of kindness was giving money to Siloam Mission. I chose this activity because I feel sorry for the people in the streets with no home, and it's winter when it gets really cold. We helped the homeless people by giving the money to Siloam Mission, then them putting the money in to good use helping the homeless. We participated in the events that we
re held and learned more about the poverty in Winnipeg.

( me and Riley who works with Siloam Misson)

( Siloam Mission brochures )

Part 3:
My act of kindness went well, we did activities and learned a lot of information about the homeless people in Winnipeg from a guest speaker. I felt happy giving the money to help out Siloam Mission. The person from Siloam Mission looked like he was happy to see the money raised from the people who attended the event. I told the guy from Siloam Mission to pay it forward and he was just smiling.

Part 4:
Pay it forward is important because you can help people out, which makes the people you helped out help out other people. I think that the act of kindness we did has made a difference because we donated money to Siloam Mission.

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