Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lizelle's Pay it forward.

Part 1:
I picked two partners, Cathlene Conception, and Olivia Arumugam. Our original plan was to bake chocolate chip cookies and gve them to children at a hospital. Our message was to let them know that we are hoping them to get better, through whatever their condition was. We chose to pick the Health Sciences Centre. Last night, I decided to call them but they declined us because they had a special group to test it and they were only there through Mondays and Fridays. After panicking, Olivia and Cathlene had to choose an organization to do something too. We chose the Christmas Cheerboard. Since it was on such short notice we rounded up $20 each.

Part 2:
After thinking and thinking, we decided to go to Dollarama. It was cheap but it was late and it was due in two days and we didn't have enough to buy as much as we want like most of the students. We were on such a dead line because of that short and harsh call back but like people said, we are going to try making a difference. We all thought of the list that was still hanging up on Miss Hay's board.

Part 3:

We bought most of the things that we remembered that was on the list. Afterwards we went to Cathlene's house to organize and plan out what we were going to do the next day.

Part 4:
We went to the Christmas Cheerboard, and they said "Thank you" and gave us a little certificate. Honestly, it felt so good to see the face of the woman when we said "We are students of Sargent Park School and we have a project to "pay it forward" As soon as she smiled, you could feel the Christmas feeling and how it felt. It felt just straight up amazing. It felt amazing to know the feeling that we have just helped someone else in need. That we spent dollars on, and for one family to have a good Christmas. It feels just remarkable to have that kind of feeling. We dropped our things in the food section, and we smiled. Families looked at us while we were taking pictures but it was that kind of stare that made you feel good about yourself. That you did a good deed, the kind of stare that made you feel like a good person.

Part 5:

Paying it forward has taught me a lot, has taught me many things. Just like how our things such as food may seem like nothing, but to another family it's everything. Our worse days in school are their best days in the world. Families are starving, but just dollars helped them to have an enojoyable Christmas. Christmas is only one time of the year, and what about the rest? What about the rest of the year. We have poverty in Winnipeg, and how much we all know about, how many of us has actually done something about it? We gave a few dollars to some homeless people, and they said 'god bless' but really, is that 25 cents going to last them a whole winter? Freezing cold? I don't think so. Pay it forward got me to open my eyes, a lot. To know how much life throws at you, people still get around it. I can no longer think of how much I throw away such as food just because I don't like something or it doesn't taste 'good'. People are dying, People are eating our garbage and it's just wrong. Paying it forward just taught me how life is a very harsh, cold, and scary place. How are world is not perfect like me or you. That people are just dying due to the fact that we just want to use electronics right now. While you are reading this, what are you using. An electronic. People are dying just for our entertainment. It is straight up wrong.

At Dollarama.

The things that we bought:

Items that were purchased:

- Gravy,
- Jello,
- Mandarins,
- Noodles,
- Rice,
- Cranberries sauce.
- Pasta,
- Oatmeal,
- Green tea,
- Tuna

- Herbal Tea.

Olivia A. and Cathlene C. holding onto some of the items:

Arriving at the Christmas Cheerboard, explaining 'pay it forward' project to the lady:

The certificate that they gave us for helping out:

Giving the bag of food to the Christmas Cheerboard lady:

Where we dropped the bag in:

Inside the Christmas Cheerboard:

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