Monday, December 20, 2010

Olivia's Pay it Forward

Part 1
Pay it forward is helping people without expecting them to pay you back. If the people you helped help more people it's like a chain reaction that gets really big. In the movie "Pay It Forward" a boy named Trevor has a project to try and change the world. He decides to help three people. Then those three people can help three more each and so on.

Part 2
For my Pay it Forward act of kindness, my friends Cathlene Concepcion, Lizelle Scott, and I bought food and donated it to the Christmas Cheerboard. We chose to do this because it's the Christmas season, and some people don't have the necessities they need to give their families a good Christmas. We thought everyone deserves to have a good Christmas and it would be kind and in the moral of Christmas to donate food to help them. We helped the Christmas Cheerboard by donating non-parishable food items to them, we bought the food on Saturday, December 18, and delivered it to the Christmas Cheerboard on Sunday, December 19.

Part 3

Our act of kindness went well, they were thankful that we wanted to donate to them and thought that it was sweet. I felt happy that we had a chance to help by donating food and felt good that what we did would help people. The lady who took the donations from us was kind and nice and she took the donations from us thankfully. I didn't ask them to "Pay It Forward" because I forgot, but I knew they would already do that, because they would pass out hampers to those who need them.

Part 4
The idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because if one person helps someone else, that person helps another, and eventually, if the chain keeps going and people keep helping other people, a lot of people's lives can be changed and we can make a difference for the good, in the world. My/our act of kindness has made a difference because, the food we donated will go to someone who needs it.

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