Sunday, December 19, 2010

Victoria Metalinos's Pay It Forward

Part 1 :
Paying it forward is an act of kindness or its your given time. In the movie Pay It Forward its about a boy named Trevor that was given a project to change the world. He decides to help three people. Then those three can help three more each and the number of people help can increase.

The first photo is of the clothes i donated. The second photo is of me at the building giving my clothes ( sorry its on an angle )

Part 2 :
My act of kindness was to donate some of my clothes to the Salvation Army. Is chose this activity because i had left over clothes that i don't fit anymore. I felt alright because its nice to know that someone is going to get to enjoy the clothes. I'm not exactly shore about how the person is going to react, because i wont see them get it. No i didn't ask the person to pay it forward. Also i didn't ask them them to pay it forward so they didn't react to a request. I was not able to ask them to Pay It Forward because i went at a late night so i had to drop it off.

Part 4 :
The idea of Pay It Forward is a really good decision because it may make people happy for doing it and for people to be thankful to have it.

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