Monday, December 6, 2010

Page 135-136 Odds

1. Jordan is right. To convert a decimal to a percent you must multipy by 100.
0.003 x 100= 0.3

3. Both Mark and Jonas are correct. The simplest answer is that Mark and Jonas' team scored 5 while their opponent scored 1.

Notice that there is 500/100 which is 500% like Mark said and that you multiply the denominator by 5 to get the numerator like Jonas said.

5. The answer will be in picture form and simplified.

I know the picture is screwed up. I'm sorry.

7. Here is the next one.

9. Last but not least question 9.

Here is a quick but good video to understand converting decimals, fractions and percents.

I know that my post was flawed because of Paint and Word. If you have suggestions or comments please post.
PS. My post was late because I could not get on the blog all weekend.


  1. Good job, Nils !
    I recommend using a different tool on Paint, but it's alright. I really like the video, and your post was well done. I don't think you missed anything or did anything wrong. Keep it up !

  2. Great Job, Nils. Your post was really good, I liked the video you added with it. Only thing is, what Allison said.. You should use a different tool on paint. I couldn't really read the spray can.

  3. Great job Nils! I really liked that you added a video because most people don't. And it was very easy to read. Great job.