Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Richard's Pay it Forward

Part 1

What i think paying it forward means is doing an act of kindness knowing that you wouldn't . Doing an act of kindness for someone can make you the next one to be treated good. Doing act of kindness for someone else will know how to do something good for someone else so then bring them to paying it forward.

Part 2

My groups way of paying it forward was to donate and volenteer at the Winnipeg Harvest and Write letters to soldiers, but we couldn't go to Winnipeg Harvest because they didn't call us, telling my group when we were allowed to go there. So we just wrote letters to soldiers in Afganistan. We did an act of kindness for someone on Dec 17th

Part 3

Our plan worked out. Everyone in the group there jobs and helped each other out. I felt good that i wrote letters to soldiers to support them. We didn't ask soldiers to pay it forward because the soldiers already did.

Part 4

The reason for paying it forward is important because it makes everyone happy and makes some people do good things to other people which made people to pay it forward. My group all think our plan worked because it showed them how to do something good to someone.

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  1. I like how you added some colour to not make it too bland. I also like how you gave a definition of pay it forward. Great job, one thing that I would advice to you is to add some more color!