Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alec's Winnipeg Harvest Scribe Post

I learned that brown rice is healthier than white rice.I also learned that some people who volunteered in Winnipeg Harvest also experienced of not having food and been help by Winnipeg Harvest. They want to return the favor by working in Winnipeg Harvest whenever they had a free time . Winnipeg Harvest helped people by giving them food to eat. Stores liked Superstore and Costco helps Winnipeg harvest to supply food by giving them canned goods, milk and juiced.The top ten items that is needed in Winnipeg Harvest are:
  1. Canned fish and poultry.
  2. Canned fruit and vegetables (packed in own juiced)
  3. Canned stew, chili, brown beans
  4. Peanut Butter (light)
  5. Baby Food
  6. Whole grain pasta/ Whole wheat pasta
  7. Rice -Brown, Converted, Parboiled
  8. Canned Spaghetti or Tomatoes
  9. Cereal - High fiber, non-sugar coated
  10. Canned soup - Lentil, Pea, Vegetable
When I volunteered I was the one who scoop the rice and put it in a plastic.


  1. Good Job Alec! You gave very interesting facts at the start of your scribe. When I read your first paragraph it reminded me of "Pay it Forward." When you said that the some volunteers had also experienced not having food and have been helped by Winnipeg Harvest. Your list was very organized and easy to read. Great Job on the scribe Alec, keep up the good work. :)

  2. Good Job Alec! Your post is very understandable and very neat. I do agree with Josell because it reminded as well as paring it forward. Your list is kind of boring so you could of out a bit of colour. Any ways keep up the good work.

  3. Great Job Alec! This post was easy to follow and had great detail. I never knew that brown rice is healthier than white rice! This post was great but, you could've used a little bit of colour. Otherwise this post was awesome!

  4. Great job Alec! I agree with Josell and Glenn, it also reminded me of paying it forward when you said some people who work there also experienced not having food and helped by volunteering. I like how your post is organized and easy to read.

  5. Good job Alec! You're post was neat and easy to read. I learned about things in this post like: Superstore and Costco helping the Winnipeg Harvest. Next time try adding some colour.

  6. Good job Alec! You're post was very organized and understandable. I agree with the others, it could have been more interesting if you put colours on some of the important words. Any ways, good job! Keep it up!

  7. Good job Alec, I just learned a lot from reading your scribe like how brown rice is healthier than white rice or some of the volunteers have experienced not having food. I think it is great how they are helping people out and heling them get food so they dont feel what they have gone through anymore. Also It was really neat and easy to understand, like what other people said it was also like paying it forward. For improvement on your post maybe you could have added colour and used the "bold & italics" also even font sizes so more things stand out. Sounds like you had fun, keep up the great scribe work.