Monday, February 14, 2011

Tyler's Volume Post


Linear measurement is measuring a line with a ruler.

There are different units of measurement and some examples are centimeters, milimeters, and meters.

Area measurement is measuring an area with square units.

Volume measurement is measuring an area in cubic units.

If your measuring volume and it is a liquid, remember that 1cm3=1ml

The definition of volume- The amount of space an object occupies.

The formula for finding volume is area of base x height

The base is any face that shows the named face of the prism.

The height is the perpendicular distance between the two bases of a prism or cylinder.

Rectangular Prism

Area of base x height

l x w =a
5 x 6
30cm2 x 10cm = a
V= 300cm3

Triangular Prism

Area of base x height

b x h x h



6 x 10

-------- =30cm2

30cm2 x 5cm= 150cm3

r= d\2 area of base x height
r=10\2 pi•r2= a
r=5cm 3.14•25=a

A rectangular prism has a length of 12cm, a width of 10cm, and a height of 15cm. What is the volume?


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