Monday, February 14, 2011

Glenn's Scribe Post Volume

Pages 78-79 in the Home Work Book

4.a)400 cm3
b)339 cm3

c)960 cm3

6.a) Both of the rectangular prism has the volume of 200 cm3
b) Both of the rectangular prism has the volume of 10.5 m3

Sorry for not having a lot pictures on my blog because it was really hard to make 3D objects on paint.

Chapter 7 Section 7.3 Pages 246 to 253

d/2=r 20/2=10
3140 cm^

Chapter 7 Section 7.4 Pages 268 to 275

v= BxH1xH2/2
v= 5.6x5x20/2
v= 280 cm^
then ..
v= 280x64
v= 17,920 cm^


  1. Good job Glenn!! The picture looks pretty good.

  2. Nice job Glenn! You had the answers to the question, but I think you could have gave us the question to give us a better understanding of your work. Also, maybe you could have used more colour and maybe shared some links or videos with us. Again, good job!

  3. Nice job Glenn. I do think you should put the question for more understanding of the answer .

  4. Great job Glenn, this was simply great and you had a great picture there. Maybe if you made certain things stand out more by using colours and/or italicizing or making the questions bold or maybe even the numbers. Also maybe you could have explained your answers with some more details for better understanding or gave us a link/video to help us understand. Once again awesome job, keep up the amazing work.