Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kevin's Winnipeg Harvest Scribe Post

What I learned from Winnipeg Harvest was that 823,856 people use food banks each month. Another thing I learned was that Manitoba has the one of the highest percentage of child food bank clients in Canada 46.6%! Winnipeg Harvest helps people that really can't find food to feed themselves or can't find the food to feed there children. Winnipeg Harvest gets there food from supermarkets such as Superstore, and others from the kind people that come to donate food. The top 10 items are as listed
  1. Canned fish and poultry.
  2. Canned fruit and vegetables
  3. Canned stew, chili, brown beans
  4. Peanut Butter (light)
  5. Baby Food
  6. Whole grain pasta/ Whole wheat pasta
  7. Rice (Brown, Converted, Parboiled)
  8. Canned Spaghetti or Tomatoes
  9. Cereal - High fiber, non-sugar coated
  10. Canned soup - Lentil, Pea, Vegetable
When I volunteered I remember i was the rice carrier as in I get the rice from the boxes and open them. Then I pour the rice into the containers for my group to package. It went from white rice to brown rice to parboiled/converted. We also noticed the the parboiled was lighter then white rice or brown rice.


  1. Wow. Those are some very interesting numbers. When I saw that over 800,000 people use food banks each month it shocked me. That is a lot of people. I remembered when I had to pack rice for the Christmas Cheer Board in grade 5. I think I packed white rice. I hope in the future that the number of people using food banks is reduced. Good post!

  2. Great job! Your post was very interesting because you included many statistics and details. I like how you explained what your job at Winnipeg Harvest was for that day, but maybe you could have talked about what the others did as well. I think you could have checked over your grammar, because you made a few mistakes such as the fact that you said "there" quite often when you should have said "their." Maybe you could have included some colour to highlight key words. Also, I think you could have shared some pictures with us of you guys to make your post a little more unique. However, everything was well done. Keep up the good work Kevin!

  3. Great job Kevin! Those were some interesting facts you included. I wasn't aware that so many people use the Winnipeg Harvest each month. I like how you wrote what your job was at the Winnipeg Harvest, though I agree with Melanie, you could have made your post more appealing by including some pictures showing you guys at the Winnipeg Harvest. Other than that, good job! :)

  4. Great job Kevin! Your post was very neat and easy to read. I liked how you bolded the numbers to show they were important statistics. However, when you said that 823,856 people use food banks, it confused me because I don't know what a food bank is. Thanks for sharing what you learned, because it made me learn some new things also, and got me more interested. It was well done how you explained what Winnipeg Harvest was. You explained it in a simple and understandable way. I also liked how you explained your role. I could visualize in my head what was going on, when reading your explanation. Overall, you did an awesome job! My only questions are: what are food banks?, what is the purpose or why are these items listed?, and what does Winnipeg Harvest do to help people?

  5. Good job! I liked how you explained the statistics. I wasn't aware of these facts! Like what Ryan said, you explained what Winnipeg Harvest does so we could understand it easily. After this explanation, I was assuming that Winnipeg Harvest give food to people that need it the most. I was wondering why the items were listed. Were they involved in what you were doing? Another thing I enjoyed reading, was your role or job. It reminded me of oompa-loompas and how they pass an item to the next person in a certain speed or rhythm, after they complete their job with that item. Good job Kevin! (:

  6. Great Work Kevin! You had a lot of interesting facts that I did not know like that 823,856 people go to Winnipeg Harvest for food each month and that 46.6% of the people that need the food banks are children. I bet you had fun working in the Winnipeg Harvest packing rice cause to me that sounds a lot of fun. Your post could use a bit of color and a few pictures but otherwise good job!