Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Karen's Volume Scribepost

SKY 248. What is the volume of the right cylinder?

My answer:

SYK 249. Which box has the greater volume? Explain your reasoning.

My answer:

Pages 250-253 #'s 1, 4 and 7
1. Evan calculated the volume of a right cylinder. Charlotte calculated the volume of a right rectangular prism. Did either of them make an error in their solutions? Explain how you know.

My answer:

4. What is the volume of each right prism?
a) area of base = 12cm², height = 8cm3
b) area of base = 18cm², height = 4cm3
c) height = 9cm3, area of base = 14cm²
My answer:

7. What is the height of each of the following right rectangular prisms?
a) volume = 32cm3, area of base = 8cm²
b) volume = 35cm3, area of base = 5cm²
c) area of base = 8cm², volume = 36cm3

My answer:

Here is a video showing how to find the volume of a cylinder.
Here is a video showing how to find the volume of a rectangular prism.
*Sorry it's so messy, I can't fix it and I
'm too lazy to do it all over again.

Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems

Jumbo Popcorn:
r = d/2
r = 20/2
r = 10cm^2

areaofthebase x height
v= π*r*r*h
v= (3.14 x 10 x 10) x 40
v= 12 560cm^3

Popcorn Lover's:
r = d/2
r = 30/2
r = 15cm^2
areaofthebase x height
v = π*r*r*h
v = (3.14 x 15 x 15) x 20
v = 14 130cm^3
Martha should get the "Popcorn Lover's" if she wants more popcorn because the container is bigger by 1 570.

areaofthebase x height

areaofthebase x height

7.85m^3*5.024m^3 = 2.862m^3

The volume required to make a concrete culvert is 2.862^3.

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