Thursday, February 17, 2011

Olivia's Volume Scribe Post

Page 258 - 261

These are my answers:

These are my answers and how I got them:

This is my answer:

Here is a link to find the the volume of a prism.

Here is a video for finding the volume of a prism:

*I think I got 12. completely wrong, I wasn't sure how to find the answer. I'd be very happy if someone could help me out and leave a comment explaining how to answer it.

Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems

7.3 Page 265 - 267

This is my solution:

7.4 Page 273 - 275

This is my solution:


  1. Great job Olivia!I like how you showed your work and the video is right on topic. I'm not really sure on what your getting at for #12, but the rest is very good.

  2. Good job Olivia, I checked over my work and I found out you made a few mistakes in question 12. All of your answers seem to be incorrect.
    For A) I got 10.
    I got 10 by,

    bxh/2x H
    7x2=14/2 which is 7.
    Since the height is missing, 7 x what = 70.
    I got 10.
    7x10= 70.

    B was sort of tricky,
    It is,
    18x_____/2x10= 1080 cubic squared cm.
    At the side of my paper I put,
    ( The reason why I did that was because I had to find out what the height was. So it was 9.)
    I decided to do 1080/90 =12.
    I plugged in the numbers and it worked.
    18x12/2x10=1080 cubic squared centimetres.


    First I started off as
    I did the same technique as the B.
    So, I devided 14 in two, which equaled 7.
    So I devided 700/35 which equaled 20.
    I plugged in tthe numbers which meant
    20x14/2x5=700 cubic squared centimetres.

    I hope this helps you, (:

  3. Good job Olivia! I don't think i can beat Lizelle's comment but there were a few mistakes but ones that you can correct easily ! And i love your pictures, there so easy to read and close up. Except it would have been better if you gave page numbers. But Olivia overall it is a great job. Keep it up.

  4. Great job Olivia, way to show all your work. For number 12 at least you tried, but basically Lizelle is right my answers were 10, 12, and 20. And thanks for the link, and the videos about finding volumes, they were helpful. Page numbers are the only thing needed I think, just like what Victoria mentioned. Awesome job, keep it up.

  5. Nice job Olivia! Very descriptive. But I do agree with them up there^^ that there are some errors.. I suggest they be fixed up on. Anyways, great post:)