Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nicholas's Math Profile

Hello my name is Nicholas and I am a gr.8 student at Sargent Park. If someone would ask if I liked math I would say no. I don't like math because I never get 100% and its hard to understand math. In gr.1, I remember adding and subtracting with skittles. I liked this activity because we got to eat the skittles afterwards!

Last year in gr.7, I liked doing fractions because it was one unit that was easy to understand compared to some of the other units. The unit I hated the most was algebra, I thought it was sometimes hard to answer most of the questions.

To be a successful student this year I will do my work. I will try to do my best to get good grades on my tests. This year I will try not to be lazy, do my work, and pay attention in class. I would like to learn more about algebra so I can improve on it.

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