Monday, October 18, 2010

Roemer's Sesame Video Post

Our Math group has Ishaka,Paulo,and Roemer.


2 Term Ratio:Compares two quantaties measured in the same units.


3 Term Ratio:Compares three measured in the same units.

EXAMPLE: 6:1:9

Part To Part Ratio: Compares diffirent parts of the group,to each other.


Part To Whole Ratio: Compares 1 part of the ratio,to the rest.

Rate:Compares two quantaties measured in diffirent units.
example:100 kicks/min
Unit Rate:A rate in which the send term is 1.
example:5km in an hour.
Unit Price:A unit often used when shopping.Mostly used on "per 100g"or "per ml".

Proportional Reasoning: A relationship that says two ratios are equal.(could be in fraction).

This is the original video we did,it was basically Grover and the Old Spice commercial.
This is our re-make.. part 1 and part 2.


  1. Nice job Roemer I like the use of color. I also liked how you explained the units we did but i really liked how you did an example for proportional reasoning and you used John Wall my favourite basketball player.

  2. Nice post Roemer Nazario ;) I like how you put examples with your definition and how you made a picture for proportional reasoning. Next time, try to put pictures for all of the definitions and try to space it out more equally. Other than that, keep the good work up!