Monday, October 25, 2010

Lizelle Scott's scribe. (:

Today, we learned and we checked over that paper that we made a number line and we showed our the square numbered. ( I would draw it for you, but it's so dufficult with this laptop. ):

Today we learned more about squared numbers, and we just started to learn about squared roots. YAAAY. :D

Today, we tried to make a square with 8 tiles. We failed, miserably. ):
Why did we fail miserably?

Because, It was a very dufficult number.

We tried MANY combinations of numbers,
like ,

Until, Mr.Math ( Tyler ) figured out that, this square root button will find it.
[ this is a picture of, YOU GUESS IT. A square root sign. (: ]
Soo, we did this.

and the answer on my calculator which is:

So let's 2 ( also known as squared.) it.

OR also known as, 2.8284271252 = 8
So we would need: 2.828427125 tiles to make a PERFECT square.
Dufficult , huh.

Well after that, you folded your number line, and we had to write this. :

_____ is a squared number.

The answer to that blank is : 16.

4x4= 16
don't you just love how it's so HUMONGOUS. - I did that, because this is important information.

You also had to put :

42 is a 16 or a square number.

For room 8 16, and for the other classes as well you had to

Tell me everything you know me about the squares.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Your jobs are :

Job 1 - Get sheet. (white paper sheet, long thinga magig. )
Job 2 - number line, the perfect square.
Job 3 - Fold, and write what you know.

Well thank you for reading my scribe, I really appreciate it. (:


  1. Good Job Lizelle! (:, I like how you organized your scribe very neatly, However next time try to add a video and maybe some color variation . Other than that you Did a well done job! (:

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  3. Well done Lizelle! I like how you made everything all neat and also how you had some words in bold. I think you did a nice job but next time, I recommend that you add colour and also check your spelling because you spelled difficult wrong...thrice. other than those two things, I think you did a great job. Keep up the good work!

  4. Good job Lizelle! I like how your post was neat and that you made important words bold, good pictures too. My advice for your next post is to add some colour amd also check your spelling, you spelt difficult wrong three times, reread your work!(: Otherwise, good job!(:

  5. Good Job Lizelle! I like how you add some picture and make important word bold. Keep it up

  6. Good Job Lizelle, I like how your post was neat and you made the important words in BOLD, so that everyone can tell if it's an important word or not. The only thing your missing is that, you should have added some colours in your post because it was plain, black and white. Anyways, I liked your post. Just make sure you double check your work before scribing because I saw some typos. Great Work, keep it up.

  7. Great job Lizelle! Your post made great sense. I liked how you constantly used different font sizes like BIG and small and medium and so on.You also had a nice diagram because there was a caption under it saying its important.You also emphasized words or sentences that were important. Next time you could make it a bit more exiting by making different colours and fonts. Otherwise keep up the good work. Oh, and great post!

  8. Good job Lizelle! You explained everything in a way that was quite easy to understand. I liked how you typed some words in bold to show us that they're important. However, maybe next time add more colour and maybe a picture. Over all, good job! (:

  9. Great Post Lizelle. You explained everything in a understandable way. The post is neat. I liked how you used different font sizes. I agree with Melanie that there should be some more colour. Anyways keep it up ! :D

  10. Well done Lizelle! I liked how you put smiley faces in the post to make it unique. I also like that its easy to read and simple. (YY)

  11. I also liked when you explained why the picture you made was BIG...or I mean, HUMONGOUS.

  12. Good Job Lizelle! I think you covered everything we did that day,I like how you put a picture to explain the answer, one thing you can do to make your post more attractive is to put colour..but otherwise goodjob!

  13. Great explaining Lizelle!I think it was smart of you to put stuff in bold,and how you put a very large picture in.I think you did great!But,next time,change up the colours.

  14. Great job!!! I like how you use the colors. Keep it up.

  15. Great job, Lizelle =) Your post was really orangized and neat, I liked that ! And I really liked your photos, it helped with the blog. Keep it up !

  16. Good job! Your post had really good pictures and colour. It was very organized. Next time add a video to make it even better. Good post!

  17. Well done Lizelle! I liked how you made the post so neat and in order! I think that a video would improve it even though its already good! Keep it up!!

  18. Awsome job Lizelle! I love how you used alot of colors. I think that you pretty much took over everyithing that we did over the school year so far. I really liked your photos to! But overall very good job !