Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nikki Shannon's Math Profile

Hello my name is Nikki Shannon. I am currently in grade 8 and I am not maths #1 fan. If i had a choice to do math I would probably say no. I don't really know what was the best thing I did in math class.

The thing I was best at in grade 7 was probability. I thought it was the easiest of all units. The unit that i struggled with was integers. It confused me with the minus and plus adding and subtracting with the integers.

Now that i made it to grade 8, i would like to learn more algebra. I know a little about it and I want to learn more.Another thing I am looking forward to learn is a bit more of fractions.

Well... I did comment on most of the blogs but I regret never creating a post. I was assigned to do it a couple of times but I really didn't understand it.


  1. Nice job Nikki. I liked how you were really honest and kept your post nice and simple. But maybe next time add a few more details and maybe some examples to help us fully understand what you're talking about. Overall, good job!

  2. Nice Job Nikki! i really like how you explain your details in your post. But next time try to make your paragraph's larger.

  3. Good job Nikki. I like the length of your post but you left out a few things. Like, you're favourite memory while doing math. Also re read your paragraphs to make sure all your "i" are capitalized. Other than that, keep up the good work!