Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paulo's Sesame video post, rateproportionratio

Our group has Roemer, Ishaka, and Paulo

Part to Part Ratio:
Compares different parts of the group,to each other

Example: 25:15

Part to Whole Ratio:
a ratio or a fraction that represents a relationship between a part and its whole.

Example: 3:8

a comparison of two numbers by division

2 Term Ratio: Compares two quantities measured in the same units.

Example: 5 blue cars: total cars

3 Term Ratio:
Compares three measured in the same units.

Example: 5:15:30

Rate: Compares two quantities measured in different units

Example: 3 laps/mins

Unit Rate:
ratio of two measurements in which the second term is 1.

Examples: $180 in 20 hours

Proportional Reasoning: relationship that says two ratios are equal.

Example: sugar1/lemon1=sweetness1

Unit Price:

unit rate is essentially a ratio used to compare a quantity to the way it is being measured

Example: 2 liters= $1.90 per liter

The video we did was Grover reacting the Old spice commercial there is a part 1 and part 2.


  1. Nice job Paulo! i liked how it was very spaced out, and exsplained really nice. Next time try to make the writing larger. But overll nice job.

  2. Nice post Paulo. You included all the informatio and added good examples. Next time, try to add more colour to cath your audiences eyes and some pictures to help explain your example. Overall, good job!

  3. Good job, Paulo.
    Mr.Harbeck's right. Your links don't work. They bring us somewhere else.
    You included all the information, keep it up !