Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jayvee's Math Profile

Hi, My name is Jayvee and I'm a grade 8 math student. If someone asked me if I like math, I would say of course. I like math because it's easy for me. All you have to do is memorize formulas and you'll do good on test and quizes. I remembered a time in grade 3 about decimals when we played games using decimals.

When I was in grade 7, The best unit I studied is integers because it's easy and I did good on test and quizes. The unit that made me struggle is algebra. I always get confused with the formulas. I will ask more often for help so I won't struggle to much this year.

To be a successful math student, I need to be a more active in class and responsible by asking questions to my teacher if I don't understand something. This year, I would like to learn more about algebra and things that should be learned in future grades.

Last year, I learned how to make a blog and this blog is about Areas. I think this is one of my favorites because I had a lot of pictures. Blogging helps me to remember if I forget math homework pages then I'll just check it on the blog. I want to do more blog this year so I can do scribes better.


  1. Nice job Jayvee! i like your method that you use for your test. And i would also like to learn about algebra. And i like how you are really specific in your wording and phrases. But overall very good job.

  2. Good job, Jayvee :)
    I really liked your post, it was easy to understand. I don't think you missed anything.
    Keep it up !