Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Carl's Homeworkbook Scibe Post

I have chosen to do the questions 4,7, and 8 in the homework book on page 33.
4. 6m2-1m2=h

The ladder reaches 5.9m up the wall.

7. width=17cm
diagonal line=31cm

The quadrilateral is not a rectangle because 289cm +676cm does not equal 961cm, it equals 965.

8. 20 km/h for 10h west equals 200km
20 km/h for 7 1/2h south equals 150km
200km2 +150km2=?
40,000km + 22,500km= 62500km
✓62,500km =250km2

The ship is 250km away from the port.


  1. Good job on your scribe Carl. It could use some color next time and maybe a picture or two.

  2. Awesome job Josell, however next time try to add some color variations to your picture, Also try to add pictures on how the triangles look to help us find the answer easier . Other than those , You did a awesome job , Keep it up! (:

  3. Nice job Josell! I think you could improve your post by adding pictures and a better explanation to help us understand how you got your answer. Also I think you could use more colour. However, everything was well done.

  4. Nicely done Carl! You did a nice job with this post but I think that you should add colours and/or pictures. I also suggest that you add the questions and, like Melanie said, an explaination to how you got the answer so it won't get confusing.Other than those few things, you did a great job. Keep up the good work!

  5. Great job Josell! Next time put color and pictures it will help us with the questions, anyways good job!

  6. Good Job Carl, your posy is understandable and neat. The one thing you could of done was adding some pictures and add some color. Anyways Great Job Carl, keep it up .

  7. Good job Josell/Carl , your post is very organized & easy to read ,however next time try to leave some pictures on how the triangles look , Also to add some color variation , Other than that you did a good job , Keep it up!

    Your post was really well done. Your answers are the same as mine ! I suggest to catching your readers attention , to use color and add some pictures. Keep it up .