Sunday, November 7, 2010

Glenn's Pythagoras Scribe Post

4. What are the areas of the three squared shown?
a) 30x30= 900mm
b)50x50= 2500mm
c)40x40= 1600mm

9. question .. a) Calculate the areas of three squares.
4x4= 16
2x2= 4
3x3= 9
b) Is this triangle a right angle.explain.
This is not a right triangle because 2 squared + 3 squared doesn't equal 4 squared.
12. Use the Pythagoras relationship to find the unknown area of each square.
a) 52cm square b) 676 mm square c) 65cm square d) 24cm square
17. FELLOW CLASSMATES .. can you help me answer this question, on the comment bar .. PLEASE AND THANK YOU (:
SORRY GUYS .. my spacing is messed up .. I tried editing it but it was still like this ..


  1. Great job, Glenn !
    Your post was short, sweet and right to the point :)
    For 17 I did:
    a= 21cm(squared)= 441
    b= 28cm(squared)= 784
    a2+b2= 1225cm2

    a= 5cm(squared)= 25
    b= 12cm(squared)=144
    a2+b2= 169cm2

  2. Good Job Glenn! Your post was a bit short, and you should have put pictures of the triangle so the question is easier to understand.

    On question 17 I did

    a²+b²= c²
    21²+28² =c²
    (21x21)+(28x28)= c²
    441x784= 1225cm²
    1225 (square root) 35
    35 cm²