Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Victoria's Square Root Post

Stella is planning an outdoor wedding. She would like a square dance floor with an area of 115 m2.

a) Determine the side length of the dance floor, to the nearest tenth of a metre.

b) Stella finds out that the dance floor will be made up of floorboards that each measure 1 m2. What are the two side lengths the dance floor can have that are closest to what she wants?

c) What are the two square areas for the dance floor that Stella can choose from?

d) Which area will Stella choose? Explain.

Answers !

a.)10.7m b.) Sorry i dont know this question c.)100m2 or 121m2 d.) She will chose the 121m2 dance floor because its closer to the size she wanted.

New Question !

14. Alex is thinking of a number.

a) What number could he be thinking of?

b) Is there more than one answer? Explain


a.) 60 b.) No, there is only one answer and the nember must be between 49 and 64. The only multiple number is 12m this is the range of 60.


  1. Great job Victoria! I think that you did a great job with this post! I like how the important words were in a different colours and also how you chose a different font. It makes your post unique! I also think that you did a really nice job organizing your post because I found it really easy to read. You did a nice job on this post but I suggest that you read it over to make sure there aren't mistakes because I found some. You didn't capitalize the i and you didn't put an apostrophe in don't when you wrote "Sorry i dont know this question". I also didn't really understand the last question. Other than that, I think you did a great job on this post, Victoria. Keep up the good work!

  2. Nice job Victoria! I really like your use of colour and how you spaced everything out in a way that was easy to read. One thing I suggest is to check over your spelling because just like Hanna, I spotted some errors. Anyways, keep it up!

  3. Nice job Victoria! , your post is well colored & very neat . Next time maybe try to make the answers a little bit smaller than the questions to make them stand out & make them easier to match up. Keep up the good work ! (:

  4. Nice job Victoria! I really liked your use of colour and you organized it well so that it was easy to read. Something you can do next time is check over your spelling because, just like the others pointed out, there were a few mistakes. The answer to 13. b)10m and 11m. Keep up the good work!(:

  5. Great Choice of Colors Victoria!It was organized and I liked how you admitted how you didn't know the answer for some.But 13.b)10m and 11m.

  6. Great Job Victoria, I really like your font size and different colors you used. The post is very neat and understandable. One more thing that it is spaced really well. Excellent Job !