Monday, November 1, 2010

Scribe 4

I chose to do #4 and it is questions 17,19, and 21.

17. Use prime factorization to figure out if 54 is a perfect square.

The answer is...

No. 54 is not a perfect square.

19. Find the distance that the students ran. They ran around the field twice.

They ran 1360m.

21.Kate wants to put a patio in her backyard. The patio stones have an area of 1m.She created this design.

a)What is the area?


b)What other possible dimensions are there?

There is 7 by 8 and 28 by 2.

c)Can you make the patio in to a square?Explain.



  1. Nice job Tyler! I like how it was spaced out very nice. And that you used alot of photos, and a link! Overall nice job.

  2. Nice Job Tyler! I like how you put a video up but it kind of confused me. I also like how used pictures and used color for the important words. GOOD JOB!

  3. Good Job Tyler! I like how your post have a lot of pictures because it's easier to understand. Keep it up

  4. Nice job Tyler. I think you could have gave an explanation of how you got your answers. Also you could have added a little more colour to make your post stand out. But overall, good job!

  5. Jood Job Tyler, you should put colour into your post. I like your pictures. I agree with Victoria that it is very good spaced . All in all good job .

  6. Good Job Tyler , I liked how you had many pictures in your post , however next time try not to leave big spaces between each line , Also to try and add some color to your scribe. Other than that you did a Great job , Keep it up! (:

  7. Good Post! I like how you added the pictures and used different colors but there is alot of space maybe next time you could use less space. Good Job!

  8. WEll done Tyler! However, try explaining what the numbers represent. For example, you wrote down a number but didn't tell us what it represented. Which later on I found out it represented the area. I like how your pictures are clear and easy to read and understand. Good job!

  9. Good job, Tyler !
    Your pictures were really good.
    I got the same answers as you on 17 and 19.
    For number 21, it says to explain. You could've explained why Katie couldn't make the patio into a square.
    For 21 C I got:
    No, Katie can't make the patio into a square, because squares have all even sides, and 56 is not a perfect square